Rental Salesworks (RSx) is a team of manufacturers representatives' that focuses on sourcing the best products and services exclusively for the Rent To Own (RTO) trade. We source and represent the products that best meet our Rental Industry clients' needs.

We trace our RTO roots back to Laurel Street Art with Rent-A-Center's largest franchisee, Comcoa, and the ubiquitous Henry Van Dam. Since then, in one form or another, we have been involved in finding, developing, and representing products to and for RTO operators. We haven't missed an APRO or TRIB Show in over two decades. (Note: for those old enough to remember its short life, we never missed a Rentex show either!).

With over 25 years' experience combined with our singular focus and commitment to the rental industry, RSx helps ensure the success of our customers.

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